2021 River Cruise Review Paris & Normandy| with Judy Nickerson

Judy Nickerson, owner of Judys Luxury Travel and Cruise Holidays of Monument, joins Ken from Ask a Real Travel Expert to discuss her recent river cruise in France with Avalon Waterways®. Judy reveals what it was like to cruise with just twenty two guests on board and forty two crew. “Surreal at times but we were treated like royalty.” Find out what it was like to visit some of the most iconic sites in France as travel begins to resume and Covid -19 recedes. Judy shares her advice for traveling now and in the future plus her fondness for river cruising with a special nod Avalon Waterways®. Judy extends an invitation to join the Solo Traveling Seniors of Colorado Springs.

If you love river cruising, or as yet have not tried this type of vacation, Judy’s review of a river cruise in an industry just re-starting after a long hiatus is just for you!