A River Cruise Review | Lower Danube with Transylvania| with Judy Nickerson

Judy Nickerson, owner of Judys Luxury Travel and Cruise Holidays of Monument, joins Ken from Ask a Real Travel Expert to review her recent river cruise on the Danube, a Balkan Odyssey on the lower Danube plus two nights in Transylvania with Avalon Waterways®.

Judy reviews all the fascinating history that sets this river cruise apart from the other river cruises on the Danube and Rhine rivers of Europe. But is this river cruise for everyone? Judy share her thoughts and recommendations for first time and experienced river cruisers. She explains that this river cruise takes in four countries in Europe: Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Serbia, and provides valuable tips for those looking to take this river cruise. Learn what were Judy’s favorite highlights of this river cruise and what would have made it even better. At the end of the show, Judy details her next two adventures and invites viewers to join her.

If you love river cruising, or as yet have not tried this type of vacation, Judy’s review of a river cruise in an industry re-starting after a long hiatus is just for you!