Solo Travel Offers

Solo travelling is gaining popularity as more people realize that not having someone to share your journeys does not limit you from experiencing new destinations, and may even be preferable mode of travel for some individuals. Independence is key here – to do what you want, see what interests you, and do all this on your own time table. Not all of us are brave enough to be completely independent with custom travel itineraries so guided tours and cruises, both river and ocean, provide a great level of security while still offering freedom of choice.

Because most hotel accommodations or ship staterooms are priced on double occupancy which solo travellers have to pay even as a single occupant, solos often feel penalized. But travel professionals, like myself, know where you can travel priced as a single person or with reduced fares. Don’t let being a solo traveler stop you – contact me and I will have you on your way to an enjoyable solo adventure!